FAQs About Mobile in Home Dog Grooming

What is mobile in home dog grooming?

Mobile in home dog grooming is where the groomer brings with them the equipment they need to groom your dog within the comfort of your home.

What are the benefits of in home grooming?

One to one grooming experience, familiar surroundings, no crating, reduces the stress for you and your dog.

What will I need to provide on the day?

A place to bath your dog (either shower or bath) and a low traffic area with sockets for clippers/dryer.

Why should I get my dog professionally groomed?

We have all the correct grooming equipment and training to provide a cute/handsome and safe styling for your dog.

We have knowledge of the best products to use for your dog.

A professional full grooming experience includes bathing, drying, brushing, clipping the claws, cleaning the ears and of course hair clipping/styling.

We will inspect your dog and if we notice any lumps or sores we will bring them to your attention.

Why should I do regular brushing in between professional grooming?

It’s a part of caring for and bonding with your dog. Brushing your dog helps with blood circulation, hair growth, helps to keep grease levels down and keep them matt free.

On smooth coated breeds (French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Pugs) it helps with shedding.

On long/fluffy coats (Cockerpoos, Bichon Frises, Pomeranians) correct brushing/combing helps to keep them matt free, which means the professional grooming experience will be even more enjoyable for them.

What is matting?

Matting is where the fur is clustered together, can’t be separated and is close to the skin.

Matted fur is painful, can cause bacterial infections due to moisture getting trapped and can damage the skin.

If matting has occurred, we may have to clip it out rather than cause the distress of dematting the coat. This may result in a shorter cut than desired.